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A vision for education

Yalbilinya uses computer Vision technology built into modern phones to highlight areas of the user's face. The user is able to tap parts of the face to hear the words in the chosen language.

Custom algorithms

Parts of the face (like hair and chin) aren't mapped by the facial recognition system, we set out to build our own extensions so we could bring the desired experience.

Towards ARKit

As support for augmented reality extend across devices we plan to map even more objects and extend the experience beyond just the face.

Yalbilinya Landing

Game like experiences

Use the quiz function to challenge your knowledge of each language. The app announces a word and the user has to touch the part of the face that matches the word.

Feature rich

Toggle English text, audio, or the outlines. Mirror left and right or simplify your experience to ignore them.

Foundational technology

The technology behind Yalbilinya is extensible and can support any other languages that wish to make use of it.

Available on these platforms.

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Meet the WCC Language Program

WCC Language Program develops a large variety of both digital and physical resources including dictionary apps, flash cards, learning games (digital/physical), online learning platforms and toolkits.

Recently they have found much success with the internal development of Language Dictionary apps for several communities.

In addition to team members who are skilled in development, audio and video production they have a fully qualified Linguist with over 40 year's experience on staff to help communities and language groups.

WCC LP approached Anomaly with a bold vision of using cutting-edge mobile technology like computer vision to build delightful educational experiences.