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Hutcheon & Pearce are a generational family business since 1953, their diesel mechanic grandfather George acquired “J.R Ritchie” of Coolamon, in partnership with Cec Pearce.

Cec Pearce sold his part of the business to us in 1965, Ted and Uncle Bruce joined their father and the business grew with branches opening in Wagga (1978) , Temora (1983), Albury (1990) Cowra (1998), Parkes and Condobolin (2001).

Mobile first experience

When Hamish Ross pitched the idea to us he was adamant about a mobile first experience for the customer. The business wanted a near native experience bringing their customer closer to the John Deere technology.

Simply scanning a QR code takes the customer to this highly interactive portal where they can get support around their product stack or get linked up to John Deere's backend technology.

Hamish is driven by bringing value to Hutcheon & Pearce's customers by harnessing the Develop by Deere offering. This deployment proves the underlying technology is able to integrate with John Deere's APIs allowing us to build upon the vast array of what JD have to offer.

An AgriPark introduced partnership the two businesses had a round table discussion with the John Deere team at the recently held Digital Agrifood Summit 2022 at Charles Sturt University to explore the potential of the John Deere technology and how we can meld it to work for Hutcheon & Pearce's customers.

We're just getting started with what we can do with John Deere's technology and Hutcheon & Pearce's deep understand of the gaps in the available solutions. John Deere's open approach by providing an open developer program also has us thinking about what addons we can build in the Agritech space.

Gatsy JS deployed on Netlify

Gatsby JS powers many of Anomaly's web sites which we deploy on Netlify. The git based workflow works rather well for us. We decide to bring the same stack to power TECSight bringing unprecedented flexibility and performance.