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Looks like G1 Goldmine. Feels like Stripe.

We collaborated with G1's software team to bring a 100% custom Stripe experience.
Using Elements, Subscriptions and Billing.


Design, Team augmentation




API, backend infrastructure

G1 Goldmine is the leading strategic pedigree system for thoroughbred breeders with over 9,000 members, which includes some of the world’s elite breeders.

G1 Goldmine is now a global brand within the pedigree analysis sector. In a typical week, members from 12 different countries perform over 4,000 Stallion Matches (matching their mares against stallions) as well as over 1,200 Pedigree Searches (searching for successful pedigree patterns).

Integrating Stripe's smarts

G1 Goldmine found us through Stripe’s networks. As part of their recent rebuild (launched late 2020) they wanted to automate billing and subscriptions, and who better than Stripe to solve such complex payment problems.

Their team reached out to us and we got working on best practices to integrate Stripe deeply into their system. G1 Goldmine was after a completely custom experience. Our team was able to augment their developers to integrate Stripe and bring and go live with as little pain as possible.

Through the journey we were able to assist with other Microsoft web technologies like Identity server to keep expanding their platform.

G1 Goldmine are a prized Stripe customer with a continuing working relationship with Anomaly.

Who we worked with

Stripe is an industry leader in payments. Anomaly is proud to be one of their first expert services partners. Our partnership with Stripe has allowed us to advise, and help integrate their products into ambitious SaaS products.

We pride ourselves on deeply understanding their enormous product offerings and provide best practices ways for businesses to utilise their capabilities.