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Royal DSM is a global, purpose-led company in Health, Nutrition & Bioscience, applying science to improve the health of people, animals and the planet. DSM’s purpose is to create brighter lives for all. DSM’s products and solutions address some of the world’s biggest challenges while simultaneously creating economic, environmental and societal value for all its stakeholders - customers, employees, shareholders, and society at large. DSM and its associated companies employ approximately 23,000 people around the world and deliver annual net sales of about €10 billion.

DSM have a sharp focus on safety and use their four eye principle (two people citing everything) to obtain absolute precision. DSM Nutritional products - located in Australia - wanted to digitise their efforts to further reduce error, most notably the tick and forget errors.

Digitsing permit workflows

The physical solution spans over twenty spreadsheets and cumbersome workflows. We started by reimagining the process and how it would look if it existed in the digital space. A single-page progress web application is how we delivered the solution to the customer.

Drawing on our experience in the healthcare accreditation industry, we turned practices into rules for the system - so users could not make mistakes.

The addition of automated reminders for users to action tasks and activities added to the safety experience.

DSM Nutritional wanted the application to reach far and wide in the organisation, including their Asia-Pacific sites like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Fiji. We designed the application to be multilingual, including auto-translating responses back into English for the management staff in Australia to review.

Powered by Linode

Once again we turned to Linode to provide easily accessible Sydney-based infrastructure that met the security requirements of the client.