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A visionary approach to designing course ware.


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Charles Sturt University’s character is true to regional Australia - with gumption, soul and a collaborative nature.

CSU develops holistic, far-sighted people who help their communities grow and flourish.

The Wiradjuri phrase yindyamarra winhanganha means the wisdom of respectfully knowing how to live well in a world worth living in.

This phrase is the ethos of CSU and speaks to the mission of universities — to develop and spread wisdom to make the world a better place.

Digitising course design

CourseSpace is a collaborative online environment that supports the Course Design Process at CSU.

Using CourseSpace, a course team can collaborate to develop a course, evaluate it and submit it for internal and external accreditation. The software consists of design modules that enable a course team to frame a course, map standards, build authentic course outcomes and build assessment tasks and subjects within a fully integrated, mapped, and scaffolded design approach.

Feedback can be generated at all stages of the design and implementation process, for all levels of use, making "just in time" course correction possible.

When the course design is complete, CourseSpace can be used to prepare an accreditation submission, and accreditors can review the course online in the software.

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Who we worked with

We worked with the university’s information technology department to meet their technology requirements. It was a great partnership, with us developing and them delivering the product to the academic staff.