Underneath the MoonRoom

Dev Mukherjee on June 08, 2023 in Product

Illustrated by Nicholas Stephan

Illustration promoting the MoonRoom banner

Los Angeles, California — MoonRoom is born out of the founders first hand experience of a poor customer experience in the financial education market.

Adam and Jordan Schulze created MoonRoom with the intention to solve the problems of the existing systems used for financial education. Traders use multiple softwares and apps - usually requiring additional resources to ensure all of their apps and softwares run smoothly to perform tasks such as sending alerts, hosting chats, and managing subscriptions. MoonRoom solves these problems with one elegant solution that satisfies all of these needs.

Built on solid software engineering foundations, MoonRoom provides a streamlined and secure experience to the educators and the subscribers of the content, eliminating the need for any additional services.

Every educator can setup their own marketplace to provide subscriber content, one of purchases like unlocking posts or simply being able to receive tips for providing knowledge. The founders had the vision of making MoonRoom as flexible when it came to how the educators monetized their knowledge and time. MoonRoom charges a small commission to make their revenue.

We were first approached by Adam and Jordan with very clear specifications. They already knew that Stripe was the only platform up for the task, specifically Connect. The specifications were very clear on a completely white labelled experience.

Anomaly was initially engaged to carry out a design phase to detail how Connect would be integrated into the platform to ensure everything was as automated as possible. It was quickly apparent that the way to success was the teams working together.

We love a difficult Stripe integration challenge, specially a problem like a marketplace. We adapted to their technology stack (built upon Google Cloud), brought our years of experience working with Stripe's technologies to build a polished marketplace for financial educators.

Particular highlights of the integration were:

  • Ensuring that all transactions were synced with Stripe and there is an invoice raised in Stripe for all transactions.
  • Detailed two way synchronisation of user's data between Stripe and MoonRoom, providing validation on each request.
  • Best practices in handling webhooks to ensure top grade security.
  • Handling of refunds from the platform itself for subscriptions and one off purchases
  • Use of Stripe CLI to proxy webhooks for development
  • Providing general guidance around Connect from a business standpoint.

MoonRoom soft launched towards the end of 2022 and is onboarding customers as the platform continues to grow. We wish Adam, Jordan and the team at MoonRoom all the success with the value their will be able to bring to their customers. It was an absolute thrill to work with the team and we look forward to collaborating in the future.

Visit MoonRoom to find out more about the platform.

Adam was also kind enough to leave us a review on Google. 😎