Hello Adelaide

Dev Mukherjee on February 22, 2022 in Business

Illustrated by Suneth Sanjeewa

Adelaide cityscape with iconic buildings like the oval

Anomaly has operated out of regional NSW for majority of it's existence delivering projects in tertiary education, healthcare, local government. We dared to build one of the first true to scale software companies around the region bringing services around Open Source software to businesses. Over the years we've been fortunate to transform how many organisations conduct business.

These trying times have made us contemplate our future, and where the puck is going. Our secret has always been fundamentally understanding technologies and utilising them to build products for our customers.

The global pandemic has affected many businesses around the globe and changed the way we think about work.

Anomaly recognises the need to create a hybrid working environment by providing strategic locations so our team can work on-site or remotely.

Adelaide has a fast growing technology scene and is home to many forward thinking technology companies. This ecosystem is prime to fueling the next stage of Anomaly's growth.

As of 2022 we will establish a presence in Adelaide adding to our footprint on AgriPark. Our commitment to collaborating with AgriPark partners and creating employment in the Riverina, remain unchanged.

Our senior management will operate our of Adelaide to assist in joining the dots for our product focused future.

Here's to our next steps and our opportunity to work along side some of the best technological minds in the country.

Hello Adelaide!