Crafting platforms on Linode

Dev Mukherjee on April 21, 2022 in Services

Illustrated by Suneth Sanjeewa

A road showing pathways to digital infrastructure such as servers and databases

Linode is an alternate cloud provider that developers love. We first came across Linode in the late 2000s, it took us by surprise how simple it was to deploy workloads on Linux VMs. At the time Anomaly had their own virtualized hosting offering, to fill our client's need.

Linode was an immediate fit for us, and around 2010 we tore down our infrastructure offerings and moved all our workloads to Linode (of course our customers use other public or private cloud providers). Give our choice of software stack our solution are provider agnostic.

Over the last couple of years we have formed a formal partnership with Linode, participated in their Greenlight Beta program and helped deploy numerous workloads for customers.

Couple of months ago I spoke with Mike Maney on Linode's Craft of Code series about how our relationship with Linode has evolved over the years.

We hardness all that Linode has to offer, from using Terraform to manage infrastructure as code, Kubernetes to deploy and scale our applications through to using their upcoming managed database offerings to offload another responsibility to their team.

Anomaly wants to stay razor focused on software engineering and partners like Linode help with that goal.

We've also had a habit of open sourcing whatever technology we can to others can harness our knowledge. Soon we will be open sourcing our best practices Terraform templates for Linode.

Today we are proud to announce a set of fixed price offerings around what Linode has to offer. These will allow our customers to design and manage infrastructure in code, and get reliable advice on the best practices.

Check out the dedicate offering page and we look forward to helping customers build on Linode.