The Anomaly

The masterful rendition of all things close to our hearts by Shane Gehlert.


We build from first principles. Scientific methods have served us well in solving difficult problems. We are in awe of the power of science and the good it can do for the world. We asked Shane to capture the essence of astrophysics and biology.


Our home boasts unique landscape, flora and fauna. It inspires us more than material objects and we wanted them to be the hero of our flagship painting. The cross section masterfully highlights the tough landscape of Australia.


Nothing moves us more than music. W e can always be found listening to tunes while trying to break down difficult logical problems in our minds. The painting integrates features of Pink Floyd's Division Bell album cover.

Anomaly Hero

About the artist

Shane Gehlert’s current series of works are centered around his themes of “Cybernetic” beings. The most popular being his anthropomorphic beauties rendered in sparkling chrome and lounging seductively against real and imagined backdrops. The paintings are predominantly acrylic on canvas and are almost entirely painted by brush.

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