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Open Positions

Perks and Benefits

Annual leave

We provide four weeks annual leave to all employees accrued over a year of employment.

Flexible schedule

We trust you to organise your day appropriate to your life. Your work judged by out put not hours spent at the desk.

Parental leave

Enjoy 12 weeks of paid paternity leave, spend time with your family and welcome the newest member.

Professional development

We contribute AUD $1000 per year towards courses, conferences or other professional development activities to support your position. Available after a year of employment.

Live where you want

Anomaly has offices in Canberra, Adelaide and Wagga Wagga. Work from one of these locations or where you live with an overlap with the Australian EST work hours.

Don't work alone

There are several benefits from working around other people. If you aren't located where we have offices, we will contributed towards a co-working space for you to work out of.

Get peer feedback

We focus heavily on documentation, code reviews and providing feedback to each other. We make technical decisions as a team and ensure that we contribute back to each other's knowledge.

Fair pay & rises

Our salaries are matched to industry standards and a fair compensation for your skills and time. Salaries are reviewed annually and are adjusted based on performance and market conditions.

Tools of the trade

All equipment required to fulfil your duties are provided by Anomaly. We prefer to use Apple products and preferably deploy our workloads on Linode's infrastructure.