Brand and usage guidelines

Anomaly — noun

"Something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected."

Anomaly was created as a vehicle for delivering beautiful digital products, powered by cutting-edge technologies. Our work is ambitious, obsessive, bound by perfection and truly unique. The brand is designed to reflect this.

Produced by Black Hole Milk Bar

Timelapse by Mark Gee

Original music by Dan Phillipson

The Mark

The mark is composed of three concentric circles divisible by a single number. The central ring is broken, with one component juxtaposing the rest; symbolising Anomaly's alternate approach to product design.



The mark renders well in any strong colour so long as there is ample contrast between the background and itself.

Unless otherwise permitted, the mark must be presented in one of the brand colours listed below or rendered in solid white or black, against a brand colour.

Equally as important as colour is legibility. The mark must be rendered at an appropriate size, with ample white space. Do not rotate, squash or distort the mark in any way.


When the logo is presented by itself, unless otherwise permitted, it must be accompanied by its wordmark. The wordmark must not be detached from the picturemark and cannot be distorted in any way.


Anomaly is best represented by two primary colours as well as white and black. The mark can be used in any of these colours so long as the contrast is well-defined, as above.

  • #d00000, rgb(208, 0, 0), c:0 m:100, y:100 k:18
  • #8f53c3, rgb(143, 83, 195), c:27 m:57 y:0 k:26
  • #fff, rgb(255, 255, 255), c:0 m:0 y:0 k:0
  • #2a2f3d, rgb(42, 47, 61), c:31 m:23 y:0 k:76


The Anomaly wordmark is set in Aller Regular and has been manually kerned. Anomaly web content assumes the operating system font of the device it is being viewed on, where possible. In all other cases, content is set in the following font stack; Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif and should be rendered using one of the brand colours above.


The imagery surrounding any representation of Anomaly's brand is important. Themes of space, minimalism and technology are generally preferred. Use of our brand in any religious or political context is strictly prohibited.


By downloading and using Anomaly branding material, you agree to abide by the brand guidelines outlined on this page.