Argipark - Agriscience, Research and Business Park
AgriPark Hero Illustration

The innovation precinct in the heart of the Riverina is dedicated to research, curated collaboration and sustainable production.

Where research, collaboration, innovation and sustainability collide. Where international agricultural companies, knowledge-rich agribusinesses, food producers, innovative small-medium enterprises and Charles Sturt University work side-by-side to tackle complex global issues.

Anomaly has worked with Charles Sturt University in completely reimagining course design, our principal is an adjunct professional. Anomaly moves their base to the AgriPark to further collaboration as a business and a mentoring organisation to future students who pursue a career in technology.

Through this partnership we augment the capabilities of partners that are trying to solve problems in the software sphere.

Anomaly is committed to their presence in the region and assists technological endeavours to grow in the Riverina.

Headshot of Devraj Mukherjee

Dev Mukherjee

Principal Designer and Engineer, Anomaly

Adjunct professional, Charles Sturt University

Dev started Anomaly, after graduating from University to pursue his love of working with open source technologies.

He spends his time building foundational technologies that sets Anomaly apart, and gives our customers the technological edge.

Dev's adjunct role at the University let's students benefit from our entire company's experience.