Dew for Hydrawise

Dev Mukherjee on April 06, 2022 in Product

Illustrated by Matthew Skiles

Illustration demonstrating the development process of Dew

We built our first home in Wagga Wagga in 2017. It was our happy place (we now live in Adelaide focusing our efforts in growing Anomaly to the next stage) and Anneke and I put a lot of thought into designing every aspect of the house. We were inspired by the beautiful landscape and the natural beauty of the surrounding area and landscaped our house to compliment its setting.

The house features many technologies such an ellaborate UniFi network to cover the vast area of the property, Nest Protect and a Hydrawise controller for the sprinkler units in the garden. It's incredible to be able to keep taps on the house when we would be away.

Hydrawise controllers can connect to WiFi networks and comes with a rather functional app to control and configure the sprinkler system right from your phone. They also provide an API which has lead to the development of integrations with other systems like Amazon's Alexa.

During the harrowing time of COVID-19, the house was our sanctuary. The space allowed us to comfortably work or school from home. The garden served as a beautiful outlook as we spent majority of our time at home. With some spare time up my sleeve I was looking for a side project to work on to sharpen my iOS skills.

I always wanted a native iOS experience for the Hydrawise controller, something that felt right at home for iOS users. I reached out to Hydarwise and they were kind enough to provide me access to their GraphQL API. It took several months of work and a few iterations to get it right, we are excited to introduce Dew for Hydrawise.

Dew provides a stellar iOS experience for your Hydrawise setup on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Features include iOS widgets, ability to stack run your zones, being able to order your zones in meaningful ways and Keychain integration for a seamless login experience.

There's a lot planned for this app like Siri integration, ability to group zones and more.

If you are a Hydrawise user, grab a free copy of the app on the AppStore, or visit the dedicated product page on our website.

We are really pleased to be able to make this available to world. Dew is the first of many products we look forward to introducing in 2022.


We would like to thank the following people and projects without which Dew would have been a much bigger task:

  • OAuthSwift, OAuthSwift is a library that allows Swift apps to authenticate against OAuth servers. Hydrawise uses OAuth 2.0 to securely authenticate against their servers. OAuthSwift is the amazing work of Eric Marchand and Dongri Jin.

  • Daniel Saidi, Daniel is a wizard I rely upon for many of my iOS apps. Dew uses SystemNotification and SwiftUIKit to enhance the user experience. You should also checkout KeyboardKit, an extremely mature library that helps you build iOS keybaord extensions.

  • Apollo GraphQL, Dew uses GraphQL with Hydrawise. Apollo iOS is a comprehensive library that allows Swift apps build GraphQL clients. A big thank you to Ellen Shapiro for helping us integration Apollo into our apps.

  • Matthew Skiles, Matt is the man behind the gorgeous icon and colour scheme of the application. Matt came highly recommend by colleagues and he did a mind blowing job. We highly recommend Matt's work.

  • Pete Swan, Pete is a long time collaborator, friend who runs a web design company based in Murrumbidgee in Australia. He owns a gorgeous home and uses a Hydrawise controller to maintain a giant garden. Pete gracefully gave me access to his controller so I could test the prototypes.

  • The Sizzle Subscribers, I subscribe to The Sizzle which is run by Anthony Agius who provides a rather humourous daily technology update. In 2021 he started a forum for the subscribers. I reached out to people using Hydrawise controllers who were generous enough to provide useful feedback.

  • Anthony Long, Anthony is a product manager at Hydrawise. Generally Hydrawise do not give access to the GraphQL API. We reached out to Anthony to see if they would make an exception. Anthony was rather kind to organise access allowing us to provide an incredible experience to our users.

  • Simon Bachmann, Simon Bachmann for building and open sourcing ConfettiSwiftUI which is used to celebrate user donations.